Tope Akinyimika & Co. maintains a well-trained and innovative full-time staff both professionals and non-professionals who continually strive to deliver top quality services for our clients.

We offer the following services:


We are effective and efficient managers of an entity operational system by maximizing satisfaction and returns. Apart from being real estate managers, we maintain facilities such as: lift, elevator, air conditional, generator; just to mention but a few; allocate space, secure safety among others to ensure round-the-clock uninterrupted operational system of an organisation. Since facility management is an interdisciplinary field which is devoted to coordination of space, infrastructure, people and organisation often connected with administration of office, commercial and residential blocks, factories, industries, schools, hotels, events centers, recreational facilities, hospitals, etc.

We thereby adopt tactical and operational measures to handle services in this section. In line with standard and satisfactory delivery, Tope Akinyimika & Co has the in-depth knowledge and skill to manage the usage of all manners of buildings and facilities, irrespective of its life and dead loads at any magnitude, nature and kind.


In project management, our company diligently applies professional wealth of knowledge, skills, and techniques to project activities from the inception to commissioning stage in order to ensure proposed specifications and add value in collaboration with the anticipated optimum returns for the investor not abandoning maximum satisfaction for enjoyment of the intending end users.

Cost control is guaranteed while best quality of materials procurement can never be jeopardised in protecting our reputation.


Finance is the back born of every investment and real estate investment is a long term capital intensive project. Most of the financial institutions would rather put money in short term investments that guarantee quick liquidation and high interest rate than real estate that requires low interest on loan and has different liquidation module.

Tope Akinyimika & Co. being a reputable organisation with long time of experience coupled with wide network, source and arrange for fund on behalf of our clients by acting as an intermediary who bridges the gap between the lender and the borrower. We do this while considering all precautionary measures and equally see to the end of loan recovery.


Our service as property managers is the deployment of techniques for matching available resources in term of: money, time, tools, materials, machine and man power (people) against property’s aims. This provides client with efficient and effective service delivery that has to do with cost, life span of the property and maximum enjoyment of the occupants.

This department represent the owner by sourcing and selection of tenants, collecting rents, handling renovation and any form of maintenance work, settle dispute among occupants, supervise and takes care of the service charge account, settle utility bills where applicable and pay regular visit to ensure designated use among others.


Real Estate Transaction is basically a process whereby rights in landed properties are transferred between two or more parties known as buyers and sellers that are the key actors of rights exchange.

Our organisation serves as an intermediary between both parties by professionally linking them together and ensure successful closure of deal.
In doing this, many steps/units and strategies are deployed into practice.

Transaction unit deals in what is widely known as agency which embedded sourcing for available letable, leasable and total disposable/outright sale landed properties on the Earth.

The company also involves in this department strategic marketing theory’s modules such as the internet where available properties in the market are showcased in pictures, audio and video records been the most widely present world connection medium, flyers, publications like magazines, newspapers, all available social mediums, door-to-door which is personal contact just to mention.


This is a measure to predetermine an investment proposal practicability and profitability.

Our organisation analysis all the facets within the environment where the project is to be implemented. Hereby, answering questions like: the physical constraints emanating from the drawings, the legal constraints of the plan and militating facets. Basically examining such factor indicators as follow: Legal, Economic, Technical, Cultural or Socio-Political, Ecological and Financial.
The viability appraisal on the other hand begins where and when the feasibility study is positively concluded.

Tope Akinyimika & Co. has the knowledge and skill to predetermine the attraction degree in terms of profitability and productivity of the conceived investment plan.

The paramount indicators that our organisation analise under this are ranging from Political, Social and Economic benefits.
In one word, the analysts in this department tend to determine whether the investment will be positive or negative in order to advice our clients as appropriate.

He who failed to plan, planned to fail according to an adage. Most businesses and building projects have either failed or not completed because of the necessary measures that were not considered before the beginning.
We hereby advise every investor to contact an investment prophet like us for prophecies about the proposed investment potentialities and negativities before embarking on it by committing the scarce resources.


We systematically use resources, practices, skill and knowledge to design, coordinate and implement building construction activities in converting ideas on paper into physical property, having in mind its aims and objectives under specific requirements.

Based on our teams, Tope Akinyimika and Co. arranges land, finance real estate project, builds through skilled and knowledgeable in-house builders by creating, controlling and orchestrating the process of development from the beginning to the end. This enhances its habitability and makes management easy due to pre-planned measures that might have been considered.
In one word, we are into real estate investment by building to let, lease, sale or use. There is no doubt, best standard is our focus which can never be compromised by putting our capital online.

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