TOPE AKINYIMIKA AND CO. is a Real Estate Surveying and Valuation firm currently having her head office at 9, Ribadu Street, Off Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos Island Lagos State, Nigeria. This Real Estate Consultant firm incorporated in 2013 to provide Real Estate Services such as Property Management, Valuation, Re-development and Maintenance as well as Project Management for individuals, Companies and Government bodies.

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In project management, our company diligently applies professional wealth of knowledge, skills, and techniques to project activities from the inception to commissioning stage in order to ensure proposed specifications and add value in collaboration with the anticipated optimum returns for the investor not abandoning maximum satisfaction for enjoyment of the intending end users.
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We are effective and efficient managers of an entity operational system by maximizing satisfaction and returns. Apart from being real estate managers, we maintain facilities such as: lift, elevator, air conditional, generator; just to mention but a few; allocate space, secure safety among others to ensure round-the-clock uninterrupted operational system of an organisation.
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TOPE AKINYIMIKA AND CO. service as property managers is the deployment of techniques for matching available resources in term of: money, time, tools, materials, machine and man power (people) against property’s aims. This provides client with efficient and effective service delivery that has to do with cost, life span of the property and maximum enjoyment of the occupants.
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Real Estate Transaction is basically a process whereby rights in landed properties are transferred between two or more parties known as buyers and sellers that are the key actors of rights exchange.
Our organisation serves as an intermediary between both parties by professionally linking them together and ensure successful closure of deal.
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We systematically use resources, practices, skill and knowledge to design, coordinate and implement building construction activities in converting ideas on paper into physical property, having in mind its aims and objectives under specific requirements. Based on our teams, “Tope Akinyimika and Co” arranges land, finance real estate project, builds Read more…


Finance is the back born of every investment and real estate investment is a long term capital intensive project. Most of the financial institutions would rather put money in short term investments that guarantee quick liquidation and high interest rate than real estate that requires low interest on loan and has different liquidation module.
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Our services in determination of value cover the following: All kind of Assets- Landed Properties ie Land and Building including any type of Immovable or Moveable structure on earth, Furniture, Fittings, Equipments, Plants and Machineries which involve Motor Vehicles, Aircrafts, Generators, Ships, Trains, All kinds of Factories Heavy Duty Production Machines, All kinds of Goods or Finished Products just to mention; while taking Goodwill into consideration.

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